by Hunter Dawkins

At 951 E Scenic Drive, a magical site awaits and has become iconic for some throughout the last 60 years.  The Gospel Singers of America (Gospel Singers of America) was founded in 1957 by Videt Polk and Bobby Burnette with having the title as being the only school left to teach music during its inception.  Additionally, this music school trains for gospel music and continues to go three weeks, contrary to other camps.

GSA President Glen Taylor expressed “if kids want to give me 4 years of camp and they wish to pursue music in college, these students will test out of a majority of freshman classes.”  Taylor concluded “what the children learn in three weeks, will change their lives.”

During this camp, students are allowed to stay on campus with dormitories, bathrooms and a cafeteria or can be day students.  Their weekly schedule begins at 7am and goes until lights out at 10pm.  Normally this camp begins during the third week of June until the first week of July.

More historical details will be provided in this Friday’s edition.