by Hunter Dawkins

Let’s put a few scenarios to rest with projected $20 million dollar bond on August 2. Your taxes will not be raised significantly, your children will not have to go to a different school, and there is a five-phase plan that the Long Beach School District will implement to renovate the high school on Cleveland Avenue.

Evaluating the PROS and CONS of the bond issue make the decision a lot easier to praise and support this project.

Primarily, the high school needs enhanced security from entrances/exits, updated resources for fire codes, developing improved academic items for an “A” rated school, and an overall safer environment for kids, staff, and faculty.

This high school was built in the 1950’s, therefore improvement is overdue any way you look at it. Waiting longer could cause a higher raise in property taxes, as the city is advancing several projects. Each phase has been discussed at public hearings and board meetings conducted by the Long Beach School District. The School District has placed this item with a question and answer spot on their local website.

Bottom line is this: the kids, staff, and faculty at Long Beach High School have stepped up to the plate in academics, arts, athletics, and extracurricular activities. Renovation of Long Beach High School should be celebrated rather than deliberated about.

August 2, all Long Beach School Residents should stand-up to vote YES on approving the $20 million bond