by Hunter Dawkins

The results for the June 5 Federal Midterm Primary Elections are officially over, or at least for a few.  Private Sector-based businessman Howard Sherman and Mississippi House Minority Caucus Leader David Baria both received over 30% to set for a Democratic Party runoff for the United States Senate challenge against current incumbent Roger Wicker.  Easily winning against Hancock County challenger Richard Boynton, Wicker gained the Republican nomination with 83% of the vote.

Sherman is unofficially ahead with 99% of the precincts reporting just over 27,000 votes or 32 percent while Baria had 26,500 votes or 31%.  Fellow state legislator Omeria Scott was one of the four additional candidates for the Democratic nomination in a race of six that finished distant third with over 20,000 votes or 24%.  None of the other three candidates went past over five percent of the vote.

Following the unofficial results, Sherman spoke with The Gazebo Gazette saying, “I still have miles to go, but people are starting to realize that someone from the private sector may have more to offer than a legislator.”

In the last week, the Sherman campaign has begun to send out a 100 day plan, which he stated “this changed the tone of our race and really helped us.”

From the Baria campaign where The Gazebo Gazette was given a brief interview, “We are excited to be where we are as one of the top out of 6 candidates and we felt that we have gathered a good team of staff and volunteers.”  Representative Baria believed that his campaign raised “a lot of money in this short amount of time” and “being outraised by 3-1 ratio and finishing close to the top is a huge accomplishment.”

Harrison County precinct voting results were similar to the rest of the state with poor turnout and both Democratic candidates agreed.  “The turnout is something you can’t control and there was not a lot on the ballot this time,” said Baria.  Sherman went deeper, claiming that “the candidate should be chosen by the will of the people and in this system everyone should vote.”

According to all 53 precincts in Harrison County, the unofficial results showed just over 20,000 votes in the county.

Fourth Congressional District Congressman Steven Palazzo rolled over challenging opponent E. Brian Rose in the GOP primary by finishing with 30,000 votes or 71 percent to Rose with just under 12,500 or 29 percent.  The Democratic challenger Jeramey Anderson ran unopposed and will face Palazzo in the general election date on November 6.