by Calvin Ishee, Government Analyst

As originally addressed at last weeks Board of Alderman meeting, Mr. Joel Sims, Planning and Zoning Director has been directed to provide recommendations for dealing with the ever growing number of short term rental properties within the Pass. According to Mr. Sims he’s formed a committee, currently comprised of a cross section of Pass Christian residents: a lawyer, real estate agents, short term property owners, law enforcement and residents from throughout the community. Their initial meeting scheduled for June 20 is designed to brain storm solutions to this issue. Mayor “Chipper” McDermott noted “there is no short term fix and it could take a while to come up with an acceptable solution”. At some point a public meeting will be held to inform city residents of proposals thatwill be presented to the Mayor and Board for approval.

The Board approved a “first ever” Marine Swap Meet to be held on 14 July 2018, in the Pass Christian Harbor. This event will give boating and marine enthusiasts an opportunity to swap, trade or buy marine related products. Also approved was $267,590 for the removal and replacement of pilings within the Small Craft Harbor. The contractor doing the work is Gill’s Crane and Dozer Service.

Mayor McDermott provided a brief update on the Clark Street Bridge repair project. Unfortunately the city is short somewhere between $140-$200 thousand dollars needed to complete the repairs on this bridge. This is partially due to an initial funding shortfall, however the city recently also learned that an environmental impact study is required, adding unexpected costs to the repair bill. The project will remain on hold until additional funding sources can be found.

Ms. Margaret Jean Kalif, Chair of Pass Christian School Board, asked the Board to consider repaving the road on the west side of the Pass Christian High School Stadium and Police Chief Timothy Hendricks introduced the new Pass Christian Animal Control Officer, Donald Jones.