by Hunter Dawkins

Despite the Mayor and Mayor Pro-Tem not being present, the Golf Cart Ordinance unanimously passed.

According to Ward 1 Alderman Ron Robertson, “there was local interest in using golf carts on the streets from the local residents.” After these comments, Robertson spearheaded the attempt to make this happen.

Alderman Robertson expressed that “Prior to this ordinance the city had no way of controlling what safety items were required and what minimum age limits were required for the use of golf carts. Since there were no written requirements for golf carts there were no means to issue tickets for people who violated established safety norms. The Golf Cart Ordinance recently passed by the city Council addresses some of these areas. The city can now require certain safety items to be installed on any golf cart driven on the city streets. The ordinance also requires that the person have at least a learner’s permit and certain amount of insurance coverage. The local police department now has some guidance and an ordinance that they can refer to for enforcing certain safety equipment and other things that are required for the use of golf carts.”

After this ordinance was adopted, the board lead by Alderman-at-Large Donald Frazer tabled the community development review, the pavement management program and the school district resolution until Mayor George Bass and Ward 2 Alderman Mark Lishen’s return from Washington, D.C. Both officials were in the nation’s capital lobbying for grant money from the federal government.

A revenue report and budget amendment for the 2017-18 Fiscal Year unanimously passed.