by Hunter Dawkins

In a packed house at Murky Waters BBQ in Gulfport, Mississippi at 8:30pm, the Associated Press declared Mississippi District 122 Representative David Baria as the Democratic nominee for the United States Senate in the November 6 general election.  At 10:22pm Tuesday night, 98% or 1753 out of 1789 precincts in Mississippi reported with Baria receiving 42,373 or 59% of the vote over Meridian Democrat Howard Sherman.  Sherman unofficially received 29,870 or 41% of the votes in the June 26 Democratic Runoff for the Democratic nomination to face incumbent Republican Roger Wicker.

“It was a team effort,” said Mississippi House Minority Caucus Leader Baria.  “41 of my colleagues, as well as powerful Congressman Bennie Thompson supported me and they went back to their home districts to help me.”  In regards to volunteers on the campaign, Baria expressed an appreciation for “poll workers and people with signs in their yard.”

With the midterm turnout historically being low, Baria said that despite the normal low numbers, he believes the runoff numbers closely matched the primary.

West Harrison County aggressively supported Baria with E Pass Christian precinct having one of the largest turnouts of the county, with 8% of the registered voters.  Convincingly, Baria won this precinct 142-19.  DeLisle had another large turnout with just under 8% with Rep. Baria dominating Sherman 106-19.  The additional precincts will be provided in Friday’s edition.

The Sherman campaign was contacted several times with no response.