by Hunter Dawkins

The annual Dedeaux Bazaar held on the grounds of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in the Vidalia countryside of West Harrison County provided fun and activities for each age while having great food and beverages.  On the main stage, sponsored by the Silver Slipper Casino, six entertainments from Thursday until Sunday night having large crowds with every one.

A routine competitive softball tournament brought rowdy fans and good hearty fun from the teams with an occasional joke from the press box.  South of the ball field, a silent auction took place inside the church retreat center, where gumbo and several other dishes were distributed to patrons.

Different amusement park rides were placed on the main ground and all of the excursions were jam-packed.  Last but not least, the outside groceries and beverages, which included boiled shrimp, jambalaya, burgers, fried catfish, barbecue fries and plenty of cold beer made the Cajun-Style festival hit its marks.