by Hunter Dawkins

Last Tuesday in Long Beach City Hall, the Board of Alderman approved the ordinance (635) unanimously for the Comprehensive Long Beach Unified Development by amending Section 100 of the previous ordinance (598). The amendment added Recreational Vehicle (RV) Resort Special Use District and for other purposes. Aldermen Mark Lishen and Kelly Griffin were absent for the unanimous decision. Additionally, Long Beach City Engineer David Ball presented a Change Order to the Board for a Sewer Rehabilitation Plan from 2017. This recommendation suggested that due to the cracking near the point repairs approved from the previous change, “Quick Lock” sleeves would be required to fix these problems. Due to this being minor work, additional sleeves would be cheaper. At the motion to approve the new Change Order by Alderman Bernie Parker, the Board unanimously approved. Finally, the Board adopted the resolution from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) for the multi-jurisdictional hazard mitigation plan, which was previously approved by the Harrison County Board of Supervisors to comply with the Federal Disaster Mitigation Act and the Flood Insurance Reform Act. In other actions, Southern Mississippi Planning & Development (SMPDD) Business Development Manager Kristin Gunter gave a presentation on pavement evaluation and a management program. The Community Development Review Process and the golf cart ordinance were tabled until the June 5 meeting. The Board renewed the contract with Nixle for the city-wide call system and authorized expenditure for registration to attend the Mississippi Municipal League (MML) Convention in Biloxi.