by Calvin Ishee

Challengers E. Brian Rose and Richard Boyanton outlined the reasons why they should replace Republican incumbents Congressman Steven Palazzo and Senator Roger Wicker at the Great Southern Club on Tuesday afternoon. Approximately 80 people attended the monthly Harrison County Republicans Club meeting to hear first hand from the candidates as they laid out their key issues. Mr. Rose outlined his key issues of ending the wasteful spending practice known as “use it or lose it”, his pro life stance, need to reduce/eliminate the massive $21 trillion dollar deficit, term limits, keeping his promises to voters and congressional accountability. His issues resonated with attendees as they applauded him on his explanation on these key issues. Mr. Boyanton stressed his commitment and love for America. Furthermore he just said he couldn’t stand Senator Wicker running unopposed. He felt so strongly about that, he committed over $60 thousand dollars out of his own pocket to run for the senate. He further stated that he was running to serve Mississippians and not the national media and politicians who’ve “lost their way”. The common theme from both candidates was that it’s time to take the Republican Party back from the elitists in Washington D.C. and returning it to the foundational values of the American people, especially Mississippians. Although they were both invited by HCRC, the incumbents were noticeably absent. This was highlighted when Ocean Springs resident Mark Watson specifically asked why Congressman Palazzo wasn’t there. HCRC President Dan Carr stated that both incumbents had been invited but chose not to attend. The June 5th Republican primary is just around the corner and candidates are making final pleas for votes, so remember to take full advantage of your right to vote and vote on June 5th.