On Wednesday, Wolf Creek Community Church in Kiln hosted its very first ‘No Judgment Day’ meeting; a coastwide movement spearheaded by local leaders aiming to help those who struggle with everyday life, addictions and other societal epidemics.

Organization leaders Pastor James and Petrina Pacheco said, “The bottomline is to bring Jesus into the lives of those who are struggling. We want them to be victorious in this life and in the life to come.”

Addict attendees of the Christian Outreach program said they were excited to finally see local leaders attempt to bridge the gap with those who are suffering from the evil power that’s behind drugs.

“Addiction is a lifestyle that will charm you into living it but lead you to nothing but violence and the loss of loved ones,” one attendee said.

Guest speaker and Author Rodney Williams, former meth addict, spoke of his own personal experiences to the crowded pews full of those desperate for help.

“Nothing could compare to the pow-er of Hell that was unleased in me after I became a slave to meth,” Williams said.

Williams’s book, Club Meth To Christ, has touched the lives of many in and out of prison systems across the nation. In it, he details his real-life battle of addiction that he says lasted for over twenty years of his life. Williams says his addictions included alcohol, gambling and methamphetamines, as well as a wide variety of other drugs.

“Methamphetamine use is epidem-ic in America as it enslaves millions each year, destroying minds and lives through its chemical deception.”

His book also reveals the Power in which he says set him free; God.

Among the crowd of addicts were also local leaders such as Hancock County Justice Court Judge Desmond Hoda, Harrison County Justice Court Judge Brandon Ladner and narcotics agents who all prayed, worshipped and spoke about the epidemics they say are right outside everyone’s doors.

No Judgment Day hopes to become a monthly event which will be held at different locations around the Coast. Leaders of the program have gathered resources for those in need and say they will continue to help fight the war on drugs which they say ultimately leads to other life altering epidemics.

You can find out more information on No Judgement Day by visiting their Facebook page.

Story by Stacey Cato