After extended debate about the legality of golf carts on city streets, the Long Beach Board of Aldermen this week unanimously approved a golf cart ordinance.

Ward 1 Alderman Ron Robertson said the West limit boundary would be Lang Avenue and the East ends would be near Beach Park Place.

“South side borders would be Highway 90 and north would be the railroad tracks,” said Robertson.

The ordinance will be sent to state leaders in Jackson for approval.

In other action:

After lengthy discussion about an easement drainage proposal offered by Long Beach resident Drew Cameron, the board tabled the matter.

“Our city departments have come by to look and the main question I ask is what do you want us to do,” asked Mayor George Bass.

“To begin with, would like for the city to accept this proposal to establish a length of 10 feet from my property to drain,” stated Cameron.

Ward 2 Alderman Mark Lishen said, “if we move forward with this, we are setting a precedent where the city may be obligated to do this time and time again.”

City officials heard from citizen Robert Gales about a sidewalk ordiĀ­nance, where he spoke of economic advantages along with public safety. No action was taken on this matter.

An appointment to the Tree Board and the grant agreement on a Gulf Coast Community Foundation was tabled for review.

Story by Hunter Dawkins