Drug addiction is wreaking havoc of catastrophic pro­portions. The ripple effect of addiction and its cost to society is incalculable. The Wolf Creek Community Church in northern Hancock County is hoping to help com­bat the crisis by teaming up with other community leaders and offering services to those who are affected.

“We are not going to arrest our way out of these prob­lems,” said Wolf Creek Com­munity Church Pastor James Pacheco, who previously rose through the ranks as a law enforcer. “These issues have to be dealt with in the com­munity, in the churches and at home.” ­

In August 2013, James walked through the doors of what is now the Wolf Creek Community Church. He was there to attend the baptism of his daughter but what James didn’t know, he said, is that that day was the day of his salvation.

“God broke down the walls that he had built around his heart over the years,” his wife Petrina said. “He completely broke him in that one service and reconditioned his heart causing him to surrender his life to Him that very day.”

James has not missed a ser­vice since his daughter’s bap­tism. After attending church regularly for a short time, James met his wife Petrina who was a worship leader at the church. The two married there in 2014 and by 2016, James pushed even closer to God and was ordained a min­ister.

Later that year, he and Petrina took on the church full time becoming its pastors and built Second Chance Music Ministries.

“We named it Second Chance because that’s ex­actly what God did for us was give us a second chance to get things right with Him,” James explained. “Revelation 12: 11 says ‘And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimo­ny.’ So we vowed to share our testimonies through the music that Petrina writes about her own life experiences and by us witnessing to others letting them know that we serve a God of second chances and they too could receive a second chance for a new life through Jesus Christ!”

James said he and his wife have always felt the need to be more active in their commu­nity. He said, “God had put it on our hearts to create a min­istry we just didn’t know what or how it was going to come about.”

James said God’s plan was revealed after a recent trip to a local chiropractor’s office.

“This meeting was actually a divine appointment orches­trated by Him (God),” James said. “God had already given him (the chiropractor) the idea for ‘No Judgement Day’ but he didn’t know how to go about getting it started.”

James and the chiropractor, who also resides as a judge in Hancock County, didn’t waste time expanding their visions. The two called upon others and quickly birthed a new coastwide faith-based out­reach movement called ‘No Judgment Day’ which aims to help those who struggle with everyday life, addiction and other societal epidemics.

As part of No Judgement Day, leaders have created a list of resources available to help those who are struggling with addiction or are in need of as­sistance with their recovery.

Wolf Creek Community Church is on that list and it of­fers programs like Celebrate Recovery which focuses on identifying the root of one’s addiction and provides healing solutions through the Word of God and counseling.

“It’s more than just Recov­ery, it’s healing,” the Pachecos said. Another program offered is the Women’s Empowerment Group which targets a variety of issues that many women face including abuse, grieving the loss of a loved one and an­ger or depression.

“Throughout my walk with Christ that started nearly eight years ago,” Petrina said, “I have learned that even though we have come from a bad or negative situation, we can overcome those obstacles in our lives. We just need healing from those things that caused us mental or emotional dam­age and left us with scars.”

Wolf Creek Community Church holds Celebration Re­covery classes every Wednes­day at 6:00p.m. Their Wom­en’s Empowerment Group is every Thursday at 6:30p.m. Church services are on Sun­days at 11:00 a.m. All are welcomed.

For more information on Wolf Creek Community Church, visit their Facebook page.

Story by Stacey Cato