Discussion about a proposed golf cart ordinance and a disagreement over the minutes from a previous meeting highlighted Tuesday’s Long Beach Board of Aldermen meeting.

After awarding two contract bids without opposition, the city got into a debate about the minutes from the Long Beach Planning Commission.

“Three issues that I have with approving the minutes of the planning commission,” said Ward 5 Alderman Mark Lishen while describing the problems he had with separation from residential and commercial properties.

Commissioner Eddie Seal spoke to Lishen about the planning commission’s need for the board’s approval of the minutes in order to begin hearing proposals.

“They have to have that MOU before we can move forward with this approval,” said Long Beach Mayor George Bass, referring to the separation between subdivisions and commercial property. “I think this would be a dis-service by us to make a decision on this matter right now without reviewing the materials down the road.”

The Board tabled the discussion until the next meeting.

Ward I Alderman Ron Robertson asked about a golf cart ordinance. Robertson recommended a plan to eliminate Highway 90 and North of the Railroad track from his original proposal in July.

“We would have no street other than Highway 90 on a few streets,” Ward 6 Alderwoman Patricia Bennett told Robertson.

“For the west part of the city, if the citizens want to drive their golf cart through the neighborhood, why can’t they?” Robertson asked.

“There has to be a specified street,” Bennett said.

“If we allow it, people will start doing it all over the city,” Lishen said.

Bennett said that the chairman of the Mississippi State House Local & Private Committee would not agree with the proposal because there are a few holes in the plan. Bass asked Robertson if he and Police Chief Billy Seal could determine a reasonable plan at a later date. The matter was tabled.

Story By Hunter Dawkins