After a brief executive session along with some discussion among city leaders, the city of Long Beach awarded Travelers Insurance the bid to carry their General Liability Insurance Policy.

“Travelers Insurance will cover everything, including police officers, general liability, and public officials,” said Tom Sawyer, Long Beach’s Insurance Advisor who owns Sawyer Financial Service in Gulfport. “Auto-physical damage under Travelers Insurance is better than what we have now.”

Previously, Long Beach was covered by Mississippi Municipal Service Company, however the size of the city affected the choice to get out of this pool.

Alderman-At-Large Donald Frazer made a few claims about numbers, mainly attempting to settle the conflicts of the past. “We want everything to be unified on the floor,” said Frazer. “If we have problems or disagreements, we call each other to find the solution. This is what the voters elected us for.”

In other actions, City Attorney Jim Simpson reviewed the city’s water ordinance to help resolve an ongoing issue a couple Long Beach residents have had with their water bills.

“In Ordinance 497 we arranged this to settle the difference in condos and other facilities,” Simpson told city leaders.

After discussing these matters and hearing from homeowner Virginia Norton about the military family living in her rental who has been doubled billed for months, the Board decided to refund the funds.

In other actions, a resolution for paving city roads was adopted.

The city also increased steps for the Police Department and Harbor along with awarding a contract to Moran Hauling to put new sidewalks on Pineville Road.

Finally, the Board of Aldermen scheduled a public hearing for another derelict property in the city.

Story by Hunter Dawkins