Pass Christian is a unique town geographically situated on a peninsula with the Gulf of Mexico to the south, the Bay of St. Louis to the west and Mallini Bayou to the north.

Historic mansions line the beach front and Pass Christian Harbor is one of the most photographed places on the coast. Locals already know this about their scenic hometown. What some locals don’t know is that there is another village within their town; a fairy village.

A hidden nature trail in Pass Christian leads to an Enchant­ed Forest.The trail is located near the intersection of US Hwy 90 and Fort Henry Road. A walk through the vine tunnel reveals a patchwork of diverse habitats found no where else in the world, which is why it may seem so enchanted. Fairy houses open the door to imagi­nation.

Scenes of wildlife mark the path. Look closely for insects. Insect hotels were built to en­courage play in ecological spaces.
Designed with children in mind, there is also a story circle to enhance their interac­tive experiences through art and ecology. A tree planted ­in 1925 is dated with national history such as, Pearl Harbor 1941, Man on the Moon 1969, Apple Computer 1976, and Hurricane Katrina 2005. The project was developed by the Land Trust for the Mississippi Coastal Plain and constructed with cruldren and families in mind.

The trail is also a popular spot for Geocaching, a scav­enger hunt using GPS technol­ogy. Trail coordinates are 30° 18’23.0l”N, 89° 17’03.66″W. Explore fallen trees in the for­est and discover views of Mal­lini Bayou at Henderson Point.

Story by Shannon Davidson