If you’re going to the Saints-Buccaneers game at the Superdome on Sunday, you may run into Tank Williams somewhere around the dome, mixing it up with tailgaters.

Williams is an analyst and personality with Yahoo Sports, and he travels from city to city, reporting on college and professional sports, primarily investigating fantasy football strategies with fans and sharing insights.

“I am excited about coming back home, and showing our fans what it’s like in New Orleans,” said Williams. “I love talking sports with fans.”

Williams is in his third season with Yahoo Sports. Initially an unpaid position, the Bay St. Louis native has truly evolved in his role, injecting a great deal of who he is – his personality, intelligence and love of the game of football – into the experience, and it has grown into a livelihood for him.

“It’s been a cool experience being able to go to game sites and interact with fans,” said Williams. “It’s definitely more fun than work.”

The former Bay High, Stanford University and NFL player has also handled a variety of entertaining assignments, which have included
a workout with the Atlanta Falcons cheerleaders and a peak inside the new Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta. In one segment titled, Notre Dame’s Ul-timate Hater, he shares his dislike for the historically independent football power. In another episode, Williams addresses the ongoing boycott by some NFL players in which he encour-ages the public to talk about how they feel on the subject.

Williams is a seven-year veteran of the NFL after four seasons at Stanford University, being drafted in the second round of the 2002 NFL draft by the Tennessee Titans. He also played two seasons with the Minnesota Vikings and a season with the New England Patriots.

Story By Maurice Singleton