On Tuesday, Pass Christian School District held their monthly board meeting. School District Superintendent Dr. Carla Evers commended faculty and staff as they continue to strive for excellence in academics within the school district and discussion on project developments continued.

Evers particularly praised everyone on this year’s state testing scores.

Last month, The Mississippi Department of education released the results of last year’s testing data, including percentages that indicated student progress for the 2016-2017 school year. Pass High proudly, Evers said, earned an A rating from the state and was named the number one school on the coast.

Pass Christian High School celebrates their fifth consecutive year of an “A” Grade.

Because of the faculty’s hard work and dedication, Dr. Evers graciously showcased a bonus payment received from the State Legislature for all teachers who had been a part of this year’s success. She explained all public schools in Mississippi with an A or B rating were recipients of the funding.

Another high point for the school district to be proud of, Evers said, was the attendance and dropout prevention rates. Dr. Evers additionally complimented the school’s faculty team for their improvement on these numbers.

In other action at Tuesday night’s board meeting…

  • Board members also voted on a new dual credit agreement which will assist in college readiness. The agreement is in collaboration with the Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College for qualified high school students to begin their collegiate path. This motion was unanimously approved.
  • Leaders also voted to begin accepting bids for projects related to the $10 million bond, issued last year, which will pay for widespread improvements within the school district. The bond expired last month but has since been renewed. Some of the new developments in the works include a new gym at the elementary school, construction of a five-classroom alternative school, and paved parking and new bathroom facilities at the sports complex.
  • School Board Member Cecil Lizana was recognized for being chosen to attend a Mississippi School Board Association (MSBA) Fall Leadership Conference.

Story by Hunter Dawkins