The Pass Christian Board of Aldermen on Tuesday heard noise complaints once again from neighbors of a local shooting range.
During public comment, Ward 3 Alderman Anthony Hall brought a lingering noise issue back to light, sparking a discussion among city leaders about the need for a city noise ordinance.

In recent months, residents and home owners who live in a North Street neighborhood have complained of loud noises coming from a nearby business.

GunHo, an indoor shooting range, is the place avid gun owners and law enforcers go to practice the accuracy of their aim and handling of their weapons; however, the loud gunshots coming from the business during early and late-night hours have become a growing concern for people in the area.

Hall turned to Pass Christian Police Chief Timothy Hendricks looking for answers.

“I ask that anytime anyone files a complaint, that you ask the officers to handle the complaint,” Hall said.

Hall said a potential city noise ordinance is in the works, but he hoped Hendricks and his department could work on resolving any current conflict before hand.

Rudy Cardreon, a nearby homeowner who has recently raised concerns, was present Tuesday night. Cardreon told city leaders little has been done by the facility’s owner to rectify the ongoing battle.

“Why doesn’t he [GunHo’s owner] respect the residents ‘requests?” Cardreon asked.

Ward 4 Alderman Vic Pickich questioned Cardreon on why issues were just now arising when the business opened its doors nearly seven years ago.

Pass Christian Fire Chief Dwight Gordon chimed in, sounding very concerned with the discussion.

“Is this a noise ordinance?” Gordon asked the Board.

“No,” Mayor Leo “Chipper” McDermott said. “This is a discussion about re-establishing the hours,” he said.

Leaders held off on any further discussion until both city attorney Malcolm Jones and the owner of the facility could be present and hopefully reach a solution.

Some leaders suggested a simple change in operational hours for the business, thinking it could be the better solution.

In other action on Tuesday evening:

  • City leaders voted to extend the O & M and billing contracts with Waste Water Plant Services Company (WPSCO) for an additional year. The contract is now set to expire at the end of March 2018.
  • About $13,000 in damages caused by Hurricane Nate are in need of repair at to be made by Krol Electric, Inc. Funding will be paid out of BP Funds and replaced if FEMA approves the charges submitted for the repairs.
  • Building Code Director Shad Jeanfreau was set to resign on December 1, but his resignation has been extended to December 15. The city is currently looking for someone to fill his shoes so he can depart.
  • Pass Christian’s new Assistant Police Chief Daren Freeman has officially taken the oath of office. In Tuesday night’s meeting, city leaders authorized Freeman as a signee on the Police Evidence Account.

Freeman’s nomination was approved at the last Board of Alderman meeting on a 3-2 vote to replace Mechelle Carbine as the deputy clerk of the Pass Christian Police Department.

Story by Hunter Dawkins