Judges, Narcotics Agents, Ministry leaders and more have rallied together to create a new coastal support program which aims to curve varies societal epidemics.

According to Coast leaders, the faith-based outreach pro-gram will bring people from all walks of life together. It will offer unique resources and teaching tools to provide members with an effective and comprehensive solution to a variety of life-controlling issues and restore hope.

“We all struggle with different addictions,” Hoda said. “We all have our own faults.”

More often than not, Hancock County Justice Court Judge Desmond Hoda says, he is tasked with the responsibility of judging those who walk through his courtroom doors.

“I took on becoming a judge as part of a ministry,” Hoda said. “I wanted to reach out and help in whatever way I could. You know, people come into my courtroom and are judged all the time. For once, I’d like for those who need help to know they are not being judged by me or anyone else.”

“No Judgment Day,” Hoda says, is a support group which was spawned off an idea he had while away on a retreat. Upon Hoda’s return, he says he met with other judges, church leaders, and law enforcers to work out the concept. Nearly a hundred leaders from Hancock, Harrison and other counties and states gathered together at the Hancock County Justice Court house to discuss the options and resources available to those in need.

A list of those resources collected are being compiled before hosting the next big meeting.

Hoda recalled what he said was one of the saddest moments of his life. He said a man had gone into court begging for help for his drug addiction. Due to lack of insurance, officials told the man they couldn’t help him. A short time later the desperate addict attempted suicide. After he failed in taking his own life, the man, Hoda said, committed a crime just to go back to jail to get clean. Organizers say other services will be available beyond drug addiction and sub-stance abuse.

“This is for everybody, no matter your vice,” they said. “If your a battered woman, if you’re being bullied or even if your the parent or sibling of a loved one who needs help, please come or send someone on your behalf.”

Meetings will be held at varies locations. For more information on the program itself, a list of resources and dates for upcoming meetings you can check out the No Judgment Day Facebook page at facebook.com/nojudgementday.

Story by Stacey Cato