They took an oath to serve and protect, Pass Christian Police Chief Tim Hendricks said, but many officers with the Pass Christian Police Department routinely go above and beyond their call of duties every day when it comes to serving their community.

Pass Police Patrolman Jared McKinney has only been with the department for about seven months, Hendricks said, but is far from a rookie as he came from another agency.

“This is the third time someone has called to praise Officer McKinney for his professionalism. The citi-zens expressed their grati-tude for him going above and beyond to help out.”

Recently, while Officer McKinney was patrolling the streets of Pass Christian, he came upon a stranded motorist. Not once, but twice, Hendricks said.

“Two of the times he stayed with the stranded motorist until someone responded with mechanical help and got the vehicle back on the road,” Hendricks explained.

Officer McKinney even went as far as to block and control traffic after a limo broke down in the middle of the road.
Kudos, Officer McKinney, for all you have done and continue to do for the people of Pass Christian!

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