Both cities of West Harrison County — Long Beach and Pass Christian — will partner together to assemble help for the victims of Hurricane Irma.

“We had a lot of support from the citizens of South Florida after Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago and (Long Beach) Mayor George Bass and I want to help,” said Pass Christian Mayor Leo “Chipper” McDermott.

Each West Harrison County City is rallying its citizens and will gather supplies in their fire and police departments, while Long Beach additionally will have places to drop items off at the University of Southern Mississippi Gulf Park and the Long Beach School District.

Locations to leave supplies for the victims of Hurricane Irma in South Florida:
1. Long Beach Police Department – 201 Alexander Road
2. Long Beach Fire Department – 645 Klondyke Road, 120 E 2nd Street, 21066 Johnson Road
3. Pass Christian Fire Department – 808 E 2nd Street and 707 W North Street
4. USM Gulf Park – Hardy Hall Admissions Office
5. Long Beach School District –19148 Commission Road

State officials in Florida have been in contact with both West Harrison County cities who have expressed that the Mississippi cities will send a group of “Team Relief” to lend a hand to residents of South Florida.

Long Beach and Pass Christian stated that both will collect baby items, formula, gift cards, cleaning supplies, water, Gatorade, toilet paper, paper towels, bug spray, mops, buckets, bleach, Clorox wipes, hand sanitizers, Aleve, Advil, 5-gallon buckets and toiletries. No clothes will be taken at this time.