Downtown Area Continues to Blossom

The cracking of a bottle of champagne bestowed a jubilant flavor onto the Grand Opening of Hotel Pass Christian on West Scenic Drive Friday afternoon, as the ribbon cutting for the extravagant 10-room, boutique hotel brought another step toward building a symbolic downtown.

“This is big for us,” said Pass Christian Mayor Leo “Chipper” McDermott. “Already, we have an 11-room hotel that opened in January (Hotel Whiskey) along with this.”

For the first time in around 70 years, businesses such as hotels are part of the Pass Christian landscape.

McDermott remarked, “Everything here is new in the infrastructure, and that’s the most important thing is to get this set.”

The new Hotel Pass Christian owner Jourdan Nicaud raved about the city and the downtown area in general, saying “hotels bring people down here” and “the more they can be here, the more they will enjoy our community.”

Additionally, Nicaud is an owner of the adjacent restaurant, Bacchus on the Beach, which could provide a few cuisine opportunities for the incoming patrons.

Downstairs from the hotel, there is a new salon owned by Lindsey Rogers along with a future fitness facility in the works.

More opportunities could potentially happen for Pass Christian, as Mayor McDermott claimed, “We will make small gradual moves, as we have future projects that are being built right now.”